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Cross-Link GmbH

The challenge

We are a small web agency based in Switzerland and we needed a unique, elegant and creative website design that stands out from the rest.

We expect something that people do not see every day. We would love it if people look at it and think “wow … that looks cool and impressive!”. There are so many web agencies and we want to be excellent, starting with the first impression, which is often the website design.

– We love it when we can express creativity and uniqueness.
– We love telling stories. We wanted to see this reflected in the designs.
– User-friendliness is very important to us.

The result


“Exceptional and excellent web design work, this was an important requirement for us and we have put a lot of work into it, the more important it was to have a great designer on board who delivered the final web design for this project.”

We were very picky in this 5-page match. In each case the first concepts were always in the right direction and often only coordination was necessary after the first concept. This helped enormously and had a very high expectation since the beginning, exactly what we needed.

During the competition we were glad that many great designers participated. We have viewed 255 web designs from 84 different designers. But we discovered that our expectations can only be fulfilled with a lot of effort on our part, good business sense from the designer who would also be willing to make that extra effort. Studio Ubique proved that and because his work was so great and it really hit our taste, we decided to choose him as our only finalist. This was a great decision and we would do it again in this way.

We are very pleased with the results. Thank you very much!”

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“Exceptional and outstanding web design work. This was an important job for us and we put a lot of efforts into it. The more important it was, to have a great designer on board who delivers the final web design for this project.”

Simon Kaserer
Owner, Cross-Link GmbH
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