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Let us create the perfect website

If there is already a goal to achieve, then we take that very serious. We want to put everything we create into our own portfolio. We want to design and build websites that can be shown on awards sites. And then everything has to be pixel-perfect. The concept. The design. The technique. The experience. Everything. For that reason, Studio Ubique has various expertises in-house. We want to deliver the perfect picture if necessary. Let us briefly explain for which services you can use us.

Web Design

“Everything has been designed, only a few things really good.” These are words from the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. We warmly welcome it. A good design does not just fall from the sky. Even like a swimming pool a painting or a watch. Web design is a profession. A craft, if you want. You learn for it, you are competent in it, and you want to improve yourself. That’s how we think at Studio Ubique. We like to make original designs with a completely authentic character and an optimal User Experience.

About the last: for a good part, the design of the website also determines how users experience it. For that reason, we develop our websites as user-friendly as possible. Such a website does not come out of the sky, we said. The design and realization together is a complex collaboration of wishes and dreams on the one hand and functionalities and possibilities on the other. Bringing these two together, Studio Ubique sees that as a fantastic challenge.

Not only on the computer or the laptop, but also on tablets and smartphones; the vast majority of our projects use a responsive design. For example, we do not only adapt the design to the dream of you as the client, but also to the devices of potential visitors. Sympathetic, right?


Web Development

The moment a design for your new website is finished, the web development begin. Because you do not have your website built for the gnomes, you want to use the best technology. You want to be seen. You want to easily guide visitors through your website. You want to call them to action. Motivate to buy something. Or whatever. Studio Ubique uses WordPress CMS in its web development. With that, we let your online environment run flawlessly. The underlying technology is based on the Open Source principle, so you do not pay for expensive licenses and are bound by all kinds of restrictions. On the contrary, we offer affordable solutions and optimal freedom of movement.

Studio Ubique has a large portion of experience in a number of skills in web development. We build our websites using responding (responsive) frameworks such as Bootstrap, HTML5 / CSS3, Masonry, WooCommerce and other CMS platforms and plug-ins.

Okay, we will not be more technical. What matters: we know where Abraham gets the mustard. Give us some confidence, then we offer you an innovative and modern website.

  • bootstrap
  • htcs
  • ps-logo
  • magento
  • woocommerce
  • wordpress

How to accomplish your online dream

Whatever the assignment, its important to listen carefully to you. That way, we can make exactly what you have in mind. Before we actually start designing and developing, we’ll always ask you questions. So we know exactly what you do like and don’t like. This can relate to a lot of things, such as your branding colors, content, images, number of pages and the navigation structure. Because, you do not build a house without blueprints we think!
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