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Why a WordPress website?

Often they asks us the question: why do you work with WordPress as content management system (CMS)? A legitimate question, we think. To be honest: It is strongly determined by personal preferences. The one agency does prefer CMS A, the other agency prefer another CMS. A very important argument for using WordPress is the fact that it is an open source solution. That simply means that the CMS is freely available to everyone, that it is continuously being developed, that it is easy to use and expand. For us, WordPress is the absolute number one. Three important reasons:


WordPress develops a wide range of professionals and specialists worldwide day and night. Problems, bugs and possible programming errors are therefore barely existent: they are noticed and eliminated in no time. The community also ensures that security patches are distributed rapidly. Conclusion: Users have a very secure system, every minute.

No license fees

WordPress is called an open source CMS. Perhaps the term open source says something to you. In fact, it means the system is freely available and accessible to all. So you do not pay high license fees for use. And another advantage: together, you know more than just one. The thousands of developers working on WordPress have a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise. And they share that wealth of information with each other. It can only result in a qualitatively ultimate product, called WordPress.


WordPress does not matter if you want to build a complex webstore with 100,000 products or a simple website to explain your services. Each project can be tailor-made with this open source CMS. For example, we use these three phases during the project: 1st, the creation of wireframes, the design and the technical realization. By following this step-by-step plan, we guarantee you the quality and you are assured of a unique website.

A wireframe

Without using blueprints / wireframes, you could call the construction of a house a daunting exercise. A wireframe can be considered as the construction of a website or webshop. It exposes the foundation of your online domain and forces you as a client, and us as a web designer and web developer to think very carefully about the functionality of the website. At this stage, we are only looking at things like page layout and operation of functionalities, such as sliders, buttons and menu structures. Our thoughts, you could say, focus mainly on what, the truth and why.


The webdesign

The wireframes have laid an important foundation; Based on this, we can now create a design for your website or webshop. Piece by piece it gets all shape, color and content thanks to the web design and application of typography and image in the web design. We give you a look-and-feel experience of the ultimate website, without looking at any technique. Name it a 2D drawing of your future web domain.



If you are satisfied with the web design, we will proceed with its technical realization. In this way, we work towards a full-fledged website, initially converting the design base into HTML and CSS. Then we make this basic responsive, which simply means that the website moves along all the devices with the given frameworks of the screen. Finally, we implement it in WordPress CMS, which makes it easy for you to easily add texts and add photos. And finally, we wish you a lot of fun and success with your new website!

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How to accomplish your online dream

Whatever the assignment, we find it very important to listen carefully to you. That way, we can make exactly what you have in mind. Before we actually start designing and developing, we’ll always ask questions. So we know exactly what you do and don’t want. This can relate to a lot of things, such as particular colors, structure, design, number of pages and the like. After all, you do not build a house without blueprints!
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